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Worthy Reads - May 2019

So, here it is! The inaugural post of my new featured blog post category, Worthy Reads! These will be short and include a few quotes and why I loved the book along with a link (as of now, non-affiliate). We are all busy and I would rather you spend your free time actually reading the book than reading my post about the book!


Using Curse Words: Finding Unusual Solutions to Life's "Worst" Problems

by Myra Fiacco

If you loved Girl, Wash Your Face, you will love this little lovely by Myra Fiacco too! I found it witty and on-point with valuable vulnerability to make it relatable.

Curse Words takes a look at how we speak to ourselves and therefore, how we view our lives. Exploring self-care through self-talk is an essential part of claiming our own stories.


"Instead of trying to manage the circumstances of others to make them happy, why don't we just do our best to follow our journey, trusting that the outcome will neither be "good" nor "bad," but that the outcome for all involved will be interesting, and that everyone involved is capable of managing their own emotions around that."


Trust me, you want to check out this book. Myra is an author to watch if Using Curse Words is any indication of what she can offer the world.

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