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5 Powerful Tips for Working with a Virtual Assistant


Hey, sister, I know this is SCARY! Your business is your baby. You’ve put SO much time and energy into this endeavor that you’re not sure you can hand any of it off, right?

But guess what? I also know that you are now depleted of that same time and energy. You are exhausted and so tired of spending your energy on tasks that leave you no time to play in your zone of genius. You probably need to hire a VA like yesterday!

So, I’ve put together my top 5 tips for working with a VA! Let’s dive in!

#1 Know Your Budget

Money is always the big one, am I right? Knowing what you can afford to pay a virtual assistant is crucial before proceeding. There are general administrative VA’s starting at $15 per hour and specialized VAs charging $50 per hour. Think about what type of VA you might need then do your research and learn what average fees are for these services so there's no sticker shock. You'll also want to check your mindset...feel grateful for the money going out, knowing that the returns for your business and peace of mind will be worth every cent!

#2 Know What You Want to Offload

Take a good long look at your recurring tasks or that one project you've procrastinated on for

months. You want to be able to give the VA work that frees up your time and allows you to focus on your zone of genius. Perhaps your email inbox is a hot mess or you’re so over trying to keep up on social media. An experienced VA can also help you figure this out, but it's best if you think it through and have a clear idea before speaking with your potential VA.

#3 Communication is KEY!

Here’s some advice...even the BEST VA is not going to be able to read your mind and

automagically know your business! You have to be open and allow access and questions,

questions, questions! Your VA will likely ask you how you prefer to communicate and you should expect LOTS of back and forth, especially at the beginning of your partnership. A steady bidirectional flow of information will help lay the groundwork for something splendid!

#4 Your VA is Not Your Employee

Did you hear me use the word "partnership" right up there? Treating your VA like an employee is the quickest way to ruin what might have been a beautiful, productive relationship for your business. A quality VA will not agree to be at your beck & call at all hours of the day and night. A VA without boundaries in place is going to burn out and stop being effective, therefore wasting your time and money. This is a business to business service and your VA deserves the respect you would give any other business owner. That leads us to tip #5.

#5 Pay Your Invoices On Time

A quality VA will layout a clear fee policy and schedule. Expect to prepay for your project services or monthly retainer (or you may negotiate for half the fees upfront). Your VA is running a business and needs to be able to plan for expected hours and income just like any other business owner! Asking for services without payment is unprofessional. Pay on time and communicate immediately if there are issues. Discuss any upcoming changes in hours or payment in advance.

I hope this helps! I love answering questions about the different services a VA can provide for your business so don’t hesitate to reach out! Interested in working with me? Click here!

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